Meat is sold by the half or the whole carcass, only. If a half is too much, most peoples find someone to split it with them. It is vacuum packed (except for ground beef), freezer ready and will last for years without freezer burn.

The following is approximately what comes with 1/2 a beef depending on the weight of the individual cow.
You can choose certain cuts and thickess when you pre-order.
8-10 New York Strips
8-10 filets
12-14 rib-eye steaks
10-12 sirloin steaks
6 flank steaks
6-8 chuck roasts (2-3 lbs.)
4-6 shoulder roasts (2-3 lbs.)
2 eye of the round roasts or you can do cube steak, ground beef or round steaks (your choice)
2 london broil
2 sirloin tip roasts
2 brisket
10-20 lbs. of cube steak
40-60 lbs. of ground beef
10-15 lbs. of stew meat
6 lbs. of sliced liver
Soup bones if wanted
You will receive about 150-175 lbs. of beef from one side.
We charge $3.00/lb. hanging weight for 1/2 a beef. Hanging weight for a 1/2 is approx. 300-400 lbs. Total cost for a 1/2 will be $900-$1200, depending on how much the cow weighs.
The buyer is responsible for picking up their meat at the processors and paying the processing fee. Our processor in the upstate is Snow Creek in Seneca, SC.


Please call us with any questions you might have at 864-348-2706.


Thank you for your interest in our beef,

Billy Wright